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Designer – Manufacturer

Biomass equipment manufacturing: total control, from the idea to its realization

The COMPTE.R teams work on the entire creation of each product, solution, installation, and at each key step of the project concerned.

The sales department, with your listening in France and throughout the world, advises you according to your needs to manufacture the specific kind of biomass heating equipment and accompanies you from the feasibility study to the setting up of your device whether it is a steam central heating system or a steam boiler.

Our multidisciplinary design bureau composed of specialists designs each element in a “simultaneous engineering” model, in order to offer you the greatest reactivity and effectiveness possible. The industrial team then takes over, thanks to various trades and works closely with the development process. Installation and commissioning logistics are also in-house, in order to optimize manufacturing efficiency. Each stage is the subject of a great attention to detail and participates in a global synergy.

An ethical and sustainable approach

COMPTE.R manages to reconcile ecological, economic and social responsibility. Indeed, the company is concerned about its ecological footprint and undertakes daily to reduce it: use of rainwater and renewable energy, reduction of greenhouse gases and consumption of electricity, recycling, optimization of telecommunication technologies…

The economic, social and civic impact of the company is at the heart of its concerns. That is why COMPTE.R exclusively uses French (80%) and European (20%) raw materials and semi-finished products. Its commitment to French quality is reflected in numerous partnerships with local SMEs and a French manufacturing. The company also places the human being at the center of its methods by promoting the well-being of its staff and its training