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Biomass at the heart of innovation

Innovation has been an integral part of the DNA of COMPTE.R, and has been since its inception. . In the face of environmentally-friendly solutions for the future, the group has naturally focused on biomass and is constantly innovating by dedicating 2.5% of its turnover to research and development.

Biomass refers to all organic matter that can produce energy. This organic matter can have plant or animal origin, can be found in nature or in industries producing co-products, organic waste or livestock effluents, for example. It is an inexhaustible source of energy, emitting very little greenhouse gas.

Imagine tomorrow’s solutions every day

Research and development play a central role in the creation process of COMPTE.R. More than 2.5% of the turnover and a dedicated multidisciplinary team of 30 people, this is the Group’s driving force.

Our R & D teams innovate and accompany our customers every day in their projects for the definition and characterization of specific fuels such as primary agricultural residues, agro-food processing, cereal crops…
Their role is also to open the field of possibilities by using new fuels, according to the wishes and needs of customers.

Plateforme Avenir of COMPTE.R

COMPTE.R imagines the future technical components and processes in order to gain energy and environmental performance within its Plateforme Avenir. This testing laboratory is equipped with different systems of energy production.

It allows to carry out combustion tests, of all types of biomass fuels, alone or in combination, in different packaging and forms. Thus, Plateforme Avenir can analyze each fuel, quantify its combustion energy capability and its dust and gaseous emissions. These data are valuable and allow considerable advances in terms of innovation and technical improvement.