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The energy transition law for green growth, published in 2016, aims to achieve a 23% renewable energy target by 2020 at national level. As part of this objective, the Community of Communes of Hauts de Flandre (CCHF) has launched a mission to study and analyse the potential for renewable energy on its territory.

At the end of this study, the elected representatives of Hauts de Flandre validated the agreement that will bind six flaxseed workers on the territory to the future inter-municipal heating network that will supply the aquatic centre of Wormhout and neighbouring potential users (industry, municipal buildings, school group).

This project is fully in line with the CCHF’s approach to setting up a centre of excellence for the flax industry.

The communal boiler room will be equipped with a 700 kW COMPTE.R boiler, fuelled with flax shives, a local and rural resource.

Discover the future municipal swimming pool of Wormhout in video here.

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