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Bag filters design, construction and installation by COMPTE.R

COMPTE.R offers you its range of bag filters from quality materials and manufactured according to its know-how, which allows it to be the best available technology on the market.
The COMPTE.R bag filter is the guarantee of high performance, regardless of the biomass fuel, with a filtration capacity of up to 15mg / Nm3 at 6% O2.
Discharges guaranteed well below the regulations in force ensure the response to the standards of your biomass facility even in the event of possible changes in environmental legislation.


Operating principle of the bag filter

Downstream of the boiler, COMPTE.R installs a system intended to extinguish the cinders that can be contained in the combustion gases, then the bag filter. This is equipped with a system of electropneumatic bypass valves that direct the fumes into the filter when they are between 120 ° C – 250 ° C.

Schéma filtration

Bag filter vs electrofilter

In comparison with an Electrofilter, the bag filter generates less operating expenses, requires a reduced initial investment and does not require a high voltage electrical authorization.